Health & Vision Insurance

Health and vision insurance is an important product for even the healthiest clients because no one can predict the future. Should the unexpected happen, the last thing that people want to think about is how they are going to cover the costs of their treatment, which is where health insurance can come in. In short, by paying a small fee on a monthly basis, insured clients can count on being covered when they need it the most. This can be remarkably reassuring.

Like its name states, our Family Vision Care ensures that our clients’ entire families are covered. With us, they can count on extensive coverage in exchange for a reasonable price, thus providing them with maximum value. Better still, we provide a number of options, meaning our clients can customize our Family Vision Care for a better match to their particular needs and circumstances.

Carriers We Accept
  • South Dakota Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Sanford
  • Sanford Simplicity
  • Dakotacare

Vision Plans

  • VSP
  • Optilegra
  • Davis
  • Avesis
  • EyeMed

Call (605) 362-021 to discuss options & to get the best value or contact us to schedule an appointment!